Dave Bagdade, "History In My Hands"

Dave's latest CD, "History in my Hands," is his first all-original all-bluegrass CD, and it will be released on June 14, 2011. "History" features the performances of some of the midwest's finest bluegrass musicians, including Greg Moore on fiddle, banjoists Rich Walter, Bob Perlstein and Ron Wedekind, and the legendary Angus Cohen on bass, along with Portuguese banjo whiz Andre Dal. Ten of "History's" eleven tracks were written by Dave, with the eleventh supplied by banjoist Bob Perlstein.
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Dave Bagdade, "Rocky Shores of Home"

"Rocky Shores of Home" is Dave's first Celtic recording, featuring original and traditional songs and tunes performed on mandolin, guitar, mandola, octave mandolin, cittern and tenor banjo. Dmitri Alano guests on flute and whistle, and Ryan Grondahl appears on bodhran. Click Buy Now to have it shipped directly to you, or you can buy it at CD Baby for $12.97 or download the whole album at CDBaby or iTunes for $9.99. For more info, go to http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/davebagdade
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The Cousin Brothers, "Live at the Melody Inn"

The Cousin Brothers celebrated their 2008 selection as the best band in Indianapolis by recording a live album at the historic Melody Inn. "Live at the Melody Inn" features the Cousin Brothers' unique PowerGrass sound on such favorites as "Pork," "Angelina and Brad" and "Pre-Op Tranny." Parental lyric advisory. Purchase it here for $10.00 plus shipping by clicking the Buy Now button, or download the whole album for $9.99 from iTunes.
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The Cousin Brothers, "Friday Morning Radio Club"

The second collection of radio tracks featuring The Cousin Brothers performing on the Stuck in the Morning radio show from 2007 to 2009. This CD contains favorites such as "Friday," "Plum Loco" and "Mexican Restaurant." Purchase it here by clicking the Buy Now button.

Diamond Hill Station, "Live Bootleg"

This CD features 18 tracks recorded at DHS shows between December 2008 and June 2009, including some of the band's best-loved tracks. Also included are original songs from each member of the band. To purchase "Live Bootleg" for $10.00 plus shipping, click the Buy Now button.

Mandolindy, "Mandolindy"

Mandolindy's debut CD features orchestral arrangements scored for first and second mandolins, mandola, octave mandolin, mandocello and guitar. A throwback to the heyday of the mandolin orchestra, "Mandolindy" is both a tribute to that tradition and a look forward, containing classical pieces, swing tunes, rags and contemporary works. Buy "Mandolindy" now for $10.00 by clicking the Buy Now button. iTunes download option coming soon.