Liz Carroll - Silver Spear/The Earl’s Chair/The Musical Priest - Lost in the Loop
CLOSET CLASSIC: Coill & Sreang - The Turn/The Clare Jig/The Handsome Young Maid - The Session
NEW TO YOU: Kevin O’Donnell - When I Was Young, Deep is the Well
Battlefield Band - Gale Warning/The Anchor Steam/The Farmer’s Daughter - On the Rise
Hounds of Finn - Where It Burns, Gravity Pulls
Garry O’Meara - Box Room Fantasy, Pickin’ Time
Interview with Garry O’Meara
Garry O’Meara - Princess Brenda, Pickin’ Time
Gerry O’Connor - Bucks of Oranmore/The Bag of Potatoes, Time to Time
Gordie Sampson - Angus in Wonderland, Stones
John Williams - Winnie Hayes/The Lonesome Jig, John Williams
Siucra - Winter in Craughwell, Here Among Strangers