CLOSET CLASSIC: JP Cormier - The Mathematician/Sleepy Maggie, Another Morning
Nuala Kennedy - Paddy’s Lamentation, Noble Stranger
Dougie MacLean - Edmonton Airbus/Craigie Dhu, Craigie Dhu
NEW TO YOU: McGoldrick/McCusker/Doyle - Edinburgh Rock, Live
The Kells - Drawn to Rhythm, The Kells
The Fighting Jamesons - Mid the Green Fields of Virginia, Mid the Green Fields
Interview - Emily Ann Thompson
Emily Ann Thompson - Nil Se Na La, Passage
Hogeye Navvy - Road to Gairloch/Rowan Tree/Wha’ Saw the 42nd/Bonnie Lass O’Fyvie/Drops of Brandy, Poor Old Horse
Interview - Mac Bellner of Hogeye Navvy
Hogeye Navvy - We Bid You Goodnight, Poor Old Horse