Baal Tinne - The Peeler's Jacket/I Buried My Wife and Danced Upon Her Grave/Tom Billy's, The Clearing
Kasir - Emily and Jenna's Set, Chilling on a Sunday
Ennis - Newfoundland, Lessons Learned
Tallymoore - The Auld Triangle, Tallymoore
The Elders - Seven Years, Wanderin' Life & Times
The Hounds of Finn - Gravity Pulls, Gravity Pulls
Interview - Leslie Rich of the Hounds of Finn
The Hounds of Finn - The Fairview Gypsy Reel, Gravity Pulls
The Indianapolis Ceili Band - The Green Cottage/The Ballyoran/The Four Pound Cheque, Every Wednesday Night
Mother Grove - Andy Renwick's Favorite Ferret/Paddy's Leather Breeches, 5th
The Lathans - Fanny Power/Crooked Road to Dublin, unreleased