Niamh Ni Charra - The Lonesome Road to Dingle/Dave Kennedy’s Gift/Cuz Teahen’s Favorite/The Nun’s Cuttings, Cuz
Planxty - Queen of the Rushes/Paddy Fahy’s, Words & Music
Vasen - Kludd’n, Mindset
Rachel Davis - Favourites, Turns
CLOSET CLASSIC: Tim Lyons, The Humours of Whiskey, Eastern Snows
James Keane - Maud Miller/The Sailor’s Return, Roll Away the Reel World
Dessie Kelleher - Two Smokin’ Boots, Banjoed
Patrick Street - King of the Pipers, Street Life
Danu - The Kinegad Slashers/Young Tom Ennis/The Battering Ram, All Things Considered
Tempest - Bonden Og Kraka, 15th Anniversary Compilation
Duncan Chisholm - The Rose of St. Magnus, Redpoint