Keane Connolly McGorman – Ted Furey’s/Athnuachán, Keane Connolly McGorman
Ivan Drever – Song for Yesterday, Concert at Kilden
JigJam – Appalachian Irishman, Across the Pond
JigJam – Across the Pond, Across the Pond
Interview with Jamie McKeogh of JigJam
JigJam – Bouli Bouli, Across the Pond
JigJam – Time to Go Home, Across the Pond
Sean Smyth – Temple Bar Set, The Blue Fiddle
CLOSET CLASSIC: Switchback – Banshee's Jigs, Bolinree
Chris Norman Ensemble – Meg Merriless/Willy Davie, The Caledonian Flute
Wayne Brereton – The Diamantina Drover, The Robin's Call
Karen Beaton – Happy Birthday Waltz/Black Velvet Waltz, Helping Hands: Celtic Airs and More