Cillian Vallely & David Doocey – Billy Rush’s, The Yew & The Orchard
Some One’s Sons – One More Minute, single release
Fiddlers' Bid – Da Sneck O' Da Smaalie/Doon Fae Nort/Jenna Reid of Quarff, Hamnataing
The McDades – Willie Reilly (Eccodek Remix), single release
Brian McNeill – The Atlantic Reel, Back O’ The North Wind
Andrea Beaton – Train to Glasgow, The Tap Session
Tarras – The Happy Salmon, Rising
Drever McGuire Young – Candle in the Storm, DMY
Gatehouse – Joe Ryan's Mazurka/Buckley's Fancy/The Laurel Tree, Tus Nua
Megan Nic Ruairi´ – Made Of Sin, single release
Keane Connolly McGorman – Johnny’s Welcome Home/Miss Crawford/Paddy Fahey’s, Keane Connolly McGorman
Laura Risk – Jerry’s Waltz, Traverse