Kevin Burke with Josephine Marsh & Mick Kinsella – The Raheen Reel/The Trip to Cullenstown/The Dingle Reel, excerpt from Music from an Irish Cottage
Derek Byrne & Paddygrass – Donald MacGillivry, Threads
Boxing Banjo – Mill on the Hill, Round #1
Jenn & Laura-Beth – The Great Divide, Bound
Honey and the Bear – Finn’s Jig, Away Beyond the Fret
RURA – Rise, Dusk Moon
John Whelan – Newtown Bridge/The Kerryman, Come to Dance
The Irish Descendants – Keyhole in the Door, Is Your Rhubarb Up
Ship in the Clouds – Forde's/The Knockaboul/O’Callaghan’s, Ship in the Clouds
The Elders – Hard Line, Alive and Live in Ireland
The Battlefield Band – The Pretty Apron/The Flirting Brown Maid/Scansen, Zama Zama Try Your Luck
Jamie Duffy & Peter Sandberg – Eyrie, single release