Imar – Bangers, Awakening
Merry Hell – Drunken Serenade/Banshee Reel, Let the Music Speak for Itself
The Bow Tides – The Bow Tides Jigs, Sailing On
Adam Agee & John Sousa – John Brennan's/Man of the House/Set Americain/Reel du Forgeron, Ceol na gCarad
Alison Perkins & Nicolas Brown – Paddy Fahey's/The Dream Of Home, All Covered with Moss
Lunasa – Loophead, Se
Joseph Allard – The Bridge Reel, French Canadian Dance Music
Dave Gunning – Fisher of these Waters, The Same Storm
Alan Reid & Rachel Conlan – Moon Over Kilcatherine/Nancy Harling’s/The Winning Ticket, A Quare Yield
Aodan Coyne – Mormand Braes, If We Only Knew
Barry Shears – Elizabeth’s Big Coat Set, A Cape Breton Piper
Niamh Ni Charra – Gone Gonna Rise Again/Ar Scáth a Cheile, Donnelly’s Arm
The Bow Tides – Beatrice’s Waltz, Sailing On