James MacLean – Pipe Set with Kenneth, James MacLean
The Elders – Banshee Cry, Alive and Live in Ireland
Joanna Hyde & Tadhg O Meachair – One for the Foxes, One for the Foxes
Joanna Hyde & Tadhg O Meachair – Storms Are On the Ocean, One for the Foxes
One for the Foxes – Toby’s Fancy, Take A Look Around
Joanna Hyde & Tadhg O Meachair – Virginia, One for the Foxes
Laurence Nugent – The Four Province Flings, Traditional Irish Music on Flute & Tin Whistle
Dick Gaughan – Song for Ireland, Handful of Earth
Aaron Collis & Emelia Bartellas – Vince’s Triple/Calvin Payne’s Step Dance Tune, Traditional Music of Newfoundland, Aaron Collis & Emelia Bartellas
Martin Praetorius with Blackie O’Connell – Down To The Sea, It’s OK I’m Still Laughing
CLOSET CLASSIC: Graham Townsend – Sunset Jig, International Fiddle Champion 1963
Rare Air – Mammoth No Arms, Space Piper
Angela Usher – Ookpik Waltz, The Gort Mile