Joe MacMaster – Sharig/Out on the Ocean/Corporal AB/Jen’s Pipe Jig/The Magnanimous Jig, Joe MacMaster
Teada – Eileen Og, Coisceim Coiligh/As the Days Brighten
Seamus McGuire with Steve Cooney – Paddy Fahey's Reels No.18 & No.8, An Irish Viola
Goitse – Green Fields of Canada, Rosc
Roger Landes – The First of October, Dragon Reels
Andy Irvine & Paul Brady – Martinmas Time/The Little Stack of Wheat, Andy Irvine & Paul Brady
Tempest – Dark Lover, Going Home
We Banjo 3 – Open the Road, Open the Road
The East Pointers – Country Cable, Yours to Break
Socks in the Frying Pan – When First I Came To Caledonia, Without a Paddle
Jocelyn Pettit – Royal Gala Waltz, Wind Rose