Alex Sturbaum & Vienna Scheyer – Irishman's Heart to the Ladies/Hills of Glenorchy/When the Cock Crows it is Day, Slash
Irish Tradition – Paddys Lamentation, The Times We’ve Had
Sean Keegan – The Broken Pledge/The Porthole of the Kelp, A Bird Never Flew on One Wing
Battlefield Band – Robber Barons, Zama Zama Try Your Luck
Laurence Nugent – Paddy On The Binge/The Pint Rustler, Two for Two
John Williams – The Beauty Spot/The Ballnahoun Reel/The Cashmere Shawl, John Williams
Brock McGuire Band – Johnny Will You Marry Me/Pinkell’s/Batt Henry. Brock McGuire Band
Fara – Song in the Night, Energy Islands
Mary Beth Carty – Tea Gardens/The Old Dutch Churn/Come Under My Plaidie, Crossing the Causeway
Nuala Kennedy – Erin on the Rhine, New Shoes
Sam ’n Ash – Peanuts, Echo Summit
Dara Smith-MacDonald & Adam Young – Leaving Stoer, The Lake Sessions