Hugh Healy – The Sword in the Hand/The Widow's Daughter, Ceolaire
Andy M. Stewart – Mary and the Hielan’ Sodger, Donegal Rain
Ivan Drever – Battle, Revisited II
Runa – The King’s Shilling, Live
Tulla Ceili Band – The Battle Of Aughrim, A Celebration of 50 Years
Battlefield Band – The 24th Guards Brigade at Anzio/The Melbourne Sleeper/MacRae’s of Linnie, Leaving Friday Harbour
Lisa Murphy – Soldiers in Dreams, Skylark
Andy Irvine – Bonny Light Horseman, Old Dog Long Road Vol. 1
Mark O’Connor & John Mock – Solider’s Joy, Heartland: An Appalachian Anthology
Mick Moloney – I Didn’t Raise My Boy to Be a Soldier, If It Wasn’t for the Irish & The Jews
Tim Edey – Flatwater Fran/Waiting for the Federals/Billy in the Lowground/Soldiers Joy, Being Myself
Joe Danks & Seaspeak – Jutland 1916, Seaspeak
Conor Lamb, Brendan Mulholland & Deirdre Galway – The Wounded Hussar, Music in the Glen