Kenneth & Angus MacKenzie – Skylark’s, Piob is Fidheall
Donnie Campbell & Buddy MacDonald – Brew Of MacGillivary, Donnie & Buddy at the Gaelic College
Mary Jane Lamond & Wendy MacIsaac – Boise Monsters, Seinn
Cassie & Maggie – Nobleman’s Wedding, The Willow Collection
Interview with Ryan MacDonald of Cape Breton FM
Doug MacPhee – Showman’s Fancy/Jaunting Car, The Reel of Tulloch
Beolach – Gypsy Dance, All Hands
Colin Grant – Triplet Clog, Fun for the Whole Family
Hauler – Love of Lost Sake, Hauler
Dara Smith-MacDonald/Adam Young/Brent Chaisson – Birthday Jigs, Island
Staran – Balcarres, Staran
Theresa Morrison – Lament for Piper Peter Morrison, Laments & Merry Melodies from Cape Breton Island