Nathan Gourley & Laura Feddersen – Sir George MacKenzie/Monaghan Twig/Sean Sa Cheo, Brightly or Darkly
Sean Mathews – The Hope that Love Will Give, Welcome to Ballsgrove
Sean Keegan – Last Night’s Fun/The Sailor On the Rock, A Bird Never Flew On One Wing
Jocelyn Pettit – Never-Ending Road, Wind Rose
Hugh Healy – McGivney's Fancy/The Birds/The Mathematician, Ceolaire
Alex Sturbaum with Ryan McKasson – Tullibardine/Pay as You Go/Lady Lucy Ramsay/Cabor Feidh/An Gille Dubh Mo Laochan, Slash
Isla Ratcliff – The Three Mile Bridge, The Castalia
Connla – River Waiting, River Waiting
Damien O’Kane & Ron Block – Happy Little Phoebe/Manny Mountain, Banjophonics
Dan Ar Braz and L'Héritage des Celtes – Borders Of Salt/Marzoù Halen, Zenith
Theresa O’Grady – Flatwater Fran/The Tennessee Waltz, BANJO’ista