Socks in the Frying Pan – The Halloween Set, Socks in the Frying Pan
The Elders – Devil’s Tongue, Live at the Uptown Theater
Liz Carroll – The Ghost/The Hatchlings/The Long Bow, Lake Effect
Kevin Henry – Peg Kelley’s Black Cat, One’s Own Place: A Family Tradition
Lunasa – Dr. Gilbert’s/Devils of Dublin/Black Pat’s, Otherworld
Ashley MacIsaac – Devil in the Kitchen, Fdler
JigJam – The Brown Coffin/Monster Stormy Blues/The Wild Irishman, Oh Boy!
Kate Rusby – Sweet William’s Ghost, Underneath the Stars
Frigg – Fantomen (The Phantom), Oasis
Barrage – Ghost Riders, High Strung
West of Mabou – Temperance Reel/Devil’s Dream, West of Mabou
Pauline Scanlon – The Lover’s Ghost, Gossamer
Al Petteway & Amy White – Ghost on a Carousel, Gratitude