Joe Cormier & J.P. Cormier – Bonnie Isabelle Robertson/John Howett/Rachel Rae/The Earl of Seafield, Velvet Arm Golden Hand
J.P. Cormier – Early Morning Rain, The Long River: A Personal Tribute to Gordon Lightfoot
Dave MacIsaac – The Little Judique/Paddy Carrey’s Fortune, Celtic Guitar
Coig – The Capable Wife, Ashlar
Interview with Dawn Beaton
Dawn & Margie Beaton – Mary Janet’s Fancy, Taste of Gaelic
Beolach – Road to Loch Nam Bairneas, All Hands
Dara Smith-MacDonald, Adam Young & Brent Chaisson – Home Away From Home, Island
Buddy MacDonald – The Island, Live (A Night at the Pub)
Andrea Beaton – Hector, Branches
Cape Breton Summertime Revue – Songs of Home, 1994