Niamh Ní Charra – The Exile of Erin/Richie Dwyer's/Red-haired Catherine/Ril Du Forgeron, Donnelly’s Arm
Kern – Don’t Believe A Word, single release
Fergal Scahill & Gerry O’Connor – The Trip to Killavill/Scotsman Over the Border, A Tune A Day for Pieta House
Honey & The Bear – My Lagan Love, Journey Through the Roke
Drunken Gaugers – The Flat House, The Drunken Gaugers
One For The Foxes – The Forgotten Tune, Take A Look Around
Brenda Castles – Garrykennedy Castle/Burma Banks/Wheels of the World, Indeedin You Needn’t Bother
Heidi Talbot – Cathedrals, In Love & Light
Paddy Glackin & Robbie Hannon – The Dublin Reel/Boil the Breakfast Early, Séideán Sí
High Level Ranters – Shews the Way to Wallington, High Level Ranters
Dara Smith-MacDonald/Adam Young/Brent Chaisson – The Longest Night, Island
Niamh Ni Charra – Eanach Dhúin, Donnelly’s Arm