Ship in the Clouds – Holly Bush/The New-Mown Meadows/Free & Easy, Ship in the Clouds
Karen Matheson – Diamond Ring, Still Time
NEW TO YOU: Leahy – Little Moon, Good Water
NEW TO YOU: Leahy – Good Water, Good Water
Dave MacIsaac – High A. MacDonald’s Favourite Polkas, Celtic Guitar
Altan – Andy Dixon’s/Ril Chois Claidigh/The Swilly Reel (Bonus Track), Local Ground 2021 Reissue
Arise & Go – The Jewels of the Ocean/The Humours of Tulla/Last Summer’s Reel, Meeting Place
Ninebarrow – You Who Wander, A Pocket Full of Acorns
Daithi Gormley – My Love is Fair and Handsome/The Maids of Mount Kisco/Clancy's Fancy, Fiddling Without A Bow
Maura O’Connell – The Bright Blue Rose, Naked with Friends
Ryan Molloy & Fergal Scahill – Behind the Bush in Park Anna/The Jolly Tinker/O’Mahoney’s, One Day: November Woods
Ninebarrow – Farewell Shanty, A Pocket Full of Acorns