Clandestine – Lucy Cassidy, The Ale is Dear
Karan Casey – Ballad of Accounting, Songlines
James Keane – Gallagher's/The Old Torn Petiticoat (I Got In Mullingar)/The Dawn, That’s the Spirit
Mary Jane Lamond – Òran Luaidh (A Milling Song from Lachie Dan N. MacLellan), Storas
Dordan – Three Reels, Celtic Aire
Tannahill Weavers – Summer in America/Biddy from Sligo, Passage
Tim Edey – Out on the Ocean/Trippin’ Up the Stairs, single release
Frances Black – Once You Said You Loved Me, The Sky Road
Alasdair Fraser & Tony McManus – Roslin Castle/Miss Gordon, Return to Kintail
Alistair Hulett & Friends – The Fair Flower of Northumberland, Riches & Rags
Brass Monkey – The Maid & The Palmer, Brass Monkey
The House Band – Grimstock, Another Setting