Rura – Catriona’s, Live at the Old Fruitmarket
Hauler – The Widow’s Vow, Hauler
The Bonny Men – The King’s Arrival, The Broken Pledge
Alan Doyle – Anywhere You Wanna Go, Rough Side Out
Caroline Keane – Denis Murphy’s Slide/Nelly Mahony’s/Thadelo’s Slide, Shine
Dirk Powell – Jack of Hearts, When I Wait for You
3-Oh – The Big Reel of Ballinacally/Patsy Hanley's/Paddy Taylor’s, On the Go
Tempest – The Serb, Live on the Air
Laura Flanagan – O’Flaherty’s/Callahan’s Hornpipe, The Great Southern Ocean
Kristen Grainger & True North – When No One’s Around, Ghost Tattoo
Steáfán & Saskia – Stack Overflow/The Comfy Corner/Periwinkle, The Loon’s Call
Laura Flanagan – The Great Southern Ocean, The Great Southern Ocean