At First Light – The Pipers of Roguery, Idir
Pat Kilbride – The Wearing of the Breeches, Undocumented Dancing
Andrea Beaton – The Number Nine, Branches
The Irish Tradition – Paddy’s Lamentation, The Times We’ve Had
Athas – The Frogg/Mopac’s Crawl/Tom Mhic’s, 10 for 10: Live Tracks & Rarities
Marla Fibish – The Humours of Derrycrossane/Maud Millar/Eddie Duffy’s Favourite, The Bright Hollow Fog
Interview with Marla Fibish
Marla Fibish – Ca Bhfuil An Solas/Winnie Hayes/Cait the Great, The Bright Hollow Fog
Marla Fibish – Are You Digging On My Grave, The Bright Hollow Fog
Enda Seery – Tom Steele’s/Trip It Up The Stairs, Raining Notes
Iain MacInnes – Dr. MacInnes’s Fancy, Tryst
Marla Fibish – Ashes of Paradise, The Bright Hollow Fog