Kevin Crawford – George White’s Favourite/The Sligo Maid, The D Flute Album
Starb’ard Side – Will You Be Waiting, Starb’ard Side
Fasta – The Glentaun Reel/Callaghan’s, Un Canadien Errant
David Francey – Green Fields, Far End of Summer
Deanta – Gravelly Groove, Deanta
Michael Carney – The Jolly Tinker, The Wheels of the World: Early Irish American Music
J.P. Cormier – Leavin’ Charlottetown, The Messenger
Matt Molloy & Sean Keane – Mayor Harrison’s Fedora/The Golden Keyboard, Contentment is Wealth
Liz Carroll & Jake Charron – Save the Ham/Who Has the Conn?, Half Day Road
Capercaillie – The Turnpike, Sidewaulk
Cuig – The Pilsner Polkas, New Landscapes
Coig – Deep Down in the River, Ashlar
Maire Breatnach – The Swans at Coole, Angels’ Candles