Arty McGlynn – The Humours of Kilclogher/Strop the Razor, Masters of the Irish Guitar
Donal Clancy – The Greenfields of Canada/Mairseail Na Conrach, On the Lonesome Plain
Dave MacIsaac – Currie’s Rambles, Nimble Fingers
Skara Brae – Angela, Skara Brae
Pierre Bensusan – Le Marche Du Sonneur Egare, Musiques
Richard Thompson – Dundee Hornpipe/Poppy Leaf Hornpipe, Strict Tempo
Duck Baker – Duke of The Fife’s Welcome to Deeside, The Kid on the Mountain
Martin Simpson – Love Henry, Kind Letters
JJ Chaisson – MacGuire’s 25th/The Idle Jig/Pebble’s and Goose’s Jig/Mary Hughe’s Jig, The Gift
Paul Meehan – Ancient Rite, The Lower Road
Gordie Sampson – The Black Jigs, Stones
Donogh Hennessey – Home By the Fire, Masters of the Irish Guitar
Alan Prosser – Cavendish Road, Makerfield
Joseph Sobol – The Coolin, Citternalia