Celtic Fiddle Festival – La Belle Catherine, Play On
Runa – Thaney, Ten: The Errant Night
Bohola – The Sweet Isle/The Cauled Cap, Bits of Bohola
Boxing Banjo – Mill on the Hill, Round #1
Interview with Mick Healy of Boxing Banjo
Boxing Banjo – The Old Blackthorn Stick, Round #1
Boxing Banjo – Keepin’ It Reel, Round #1
Micheal Healy – The Rambles of Kitty/The Flying Wheelchair/The Loughing Spoons, Pleckin’ About
Steeleye Span – The Old Maid In The Garrett/Tam Lin, Time
Winston Scotty Fitzgerald – Mrs. Menzies of Culdare/Welcome Whiskey Back Again/Captain Keeler, Classic Cuts
Boxing Banjo – Marga’s Moment, Round #1