Howie MacDonald – Elizabeth & Gerard, Shades of Tartan
JigJam – Tullamore to Boston, Phoenix
Jerry O’Sullivan – Catherine’s Mazurka/Aidan Cuffe’s Reel, The Gift
Cran – Dulaman/Charlie O’Neill’s Highland, The Cooked Stair
Sean Keane, Matt Molloy & Liam O’Flynn – The Wheels of the World/The Pinch of Snuff/Micho Russell’s Reel, The Fire Aflame
The Chieftains – Planxty Bunting, The Celtc Harp
Sharon Shannon & The Woodchoppers – Jimmy’s Return, Live in Galway
Contraband – The Devil’s Fiddle, Contraband
John Doyle – Crowley’s/Johnny D’s, Evening Comes Early
Imar – Manx Plates, Afterlight
Fiddler’s Dram – Darley’s Jig, Fiddler’s Dram
Skara Brae – An Chrubach, Skara Brae
Liz Carroll & Jake Charron – Compliments to Jimmy Keane/Fasten Your Seatbelts, Half Day Road
Miller MacDonald Cormier – Muile Nam Mor Bheann, South Haven