Christy Barry, Conor McCarthy & Cyril O’Donoghue – Late Nights in O’Connor’s Bar of Doolin, Late...In The Night
Karan Casey – The King’s Shilling, The Winds Began to Sing
Na Mooneys – All the Way to Galway/Moneymusk, Na Mooneys
Alasdair Roberts – Master Kilby, Crook of My Arm
Kevin Rowsome – The Dougarry Boys/The Swaggering Jig/The Yellow Stockings, Cuisle Cheol Na bPiob
Laurence Nugent – The Ash Plant/The Merry Harriers/Galway Rambler, The Windy Gap
Conor Caldwell – Coolin Reels, North
Aoife Clancy – The Earl of March’s Daughter, Silvery Moon
Michael O'Suilleabhain – The Maid at the Spinning Wheel, Michael O'Suilleabhain
Andrea Beaton – Blacksmith Delights on the Banks, With Betty & Dave
Sharon Shannon & The Woodchoppers – Mouth of the Tobique, Live in Galway
Old Blind Dogs – Bedlam Boys/Rights of Man
The Maguires – Flattened E Flat, Little Giants and Other Oxymorons