Imar – The Third Attempt, Avalanche
The Outside Track – The Wife of Usher’s Well, Rise Up
Mairi Rankin & Eric Wright – Taste of Gaelic, The Cabin Sessions
Sean Tyrell – Mattie, Cry of a Dreamer
Boxing Banjo – The Green Cottage, Round #1
Kevin Burke’s Open House – Tour de Taille, Hoof and Mouth
Colm Murphy with Conal O Grada – Lord Gordon’s/Kiss the Maid Behind the Barrel, An Bodhran
Dolores Keane - The Island, Lion in a Cage
Sean Ryan – The London Lasses/The Coast of Austria, Take the Air
Ushers Island – Heart in Hand, Ushers Island
Talisk – Farewell, Beyond
Gillian Boucher – Marnie Swanson, Attuned