Alan Doyle – Come Out With Me, A Week at the Warehouse
Tannahill Weavers – The Ghost
Mick McDonnell, Orach
We Banjo 3 – Sugar House, Haven
Altan – Bacach Shil Andai, The Gap of Dreams
Danu – The Poor Man’s Fortune/The Long Strand/Reel Gan Ainm, Ten Thousand Miles
The High Seas – Stirling Castle/The Lowlands of Scotland/Mooney’s Reel, The High Seas
Lunasa – Within A Mile, CAS
Matthew Byrne – The River Driver, Horizon Lines
Tempest – Lahard Chase, Thirty Little Turns
Breabach – Western Isle Dance, Frenzy of the Meeting
Indianapolis Ceili Band – Out on the Ocean/Banks of Lough Gowna/Handsome Young Maidens, Emotional Velocity
We Banjo 3 – Don’t Let Me Down, Haven