Blazin’ Fiddles – The Donegal Set, Magnificent Seven
Capercaillie – Ailein Duinn, To the Moon
Tannahill Weavers – Pipe Major Duncan Nicholson, Orach
Barry Kinane – The Hellfire Club, The Old Grey Cobblestone
Michael McGoldrick – Five and Drive, ARC
Michael McGoldrick & Dezi Donnelly – Happy to Meet Sorry to Part/The Stolen Purse/Maude Millar’s, Dog in the Fog
James Byrne – Mick Carr’s Barndances, The Road to Glenlough
Cormac Begley – Polka John/Camino Polka, Cormac Begley
West of Mabou – Lime Hill, The Bridge
Tommy Potts – The Blackbird, The Liffey Banks
Angela Usher – Hurry the Jug/Sally Gally, The Gort Mile
Blas – The Unquiet Grave, Blas
Michael McGoldrick & Dezi Donnelly – St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Dog in the Fog