Cape Breton Symphony – Highland Whiskey/Earl of Crawford’s/Judy’s, Fiddle
Rankin Family – Orangedale Whistle, Fare Thee Well Love
Angus Chisholm – Miss Campbell’s/Jordie Jig, The Early Recordings of Angus Chisholm
Winston Scotty Fitzgerald – Lady Charlotte Campbell/Urquhart Castle/Captain Keeler, The Inimitable Winston Scotty Fitzgerald
Paul MacNeil & Jamie MacInnis – Thig a Stigh, Fosgail an Dorus
Barra MacNeils – Coaltown Road, Rock in the Stream
Buddy MacMaster & Joey Beaton – Little John’s Hame/The Forth Bridge Strathspey/The Forth Bridge Reel/Scourdiness/Miss Balgrie, Rooted In Tradition
The Five MacDonald Fiddlers – The Drovers Lads/The First of Spring, Scottish Reels Jigs & Strathspeys
Dave MacIsaac – Hugh A. MacDonald’s Favourite Polkas, Celtic Guitar
Winnie Chafe – The Rosebud of Allenvale/Largo Law/Sir Reginald MacDonald/Put Me in the Big Chest, Highland Melodies of Cape Breton
Sandy MacIntyre – Lady Charlotte Bruce’s Favourite Air/The New Brig of Methlick/The Clydesdale Lasses, Cape Breton...My Land In Music
John Allan Cameron – Village of Brambleshire Wood, The Minstrel of Cranberry Lane
Doug MacPhee – Glen Grant’s Strathspey/Neil R. MacDonald’s/Dusky Meadow/Maggie Cameron’s/A Duncan MacQuarrie Reel, Celtic Colours Volume IV
John Morris Rankin – Lime Hill/Calum Breauch/King George IV/Jack Daniel’s/Little Donald in the Pigpen, Traditional Music from Cape Breton Island
Kenzie MacNeil – The Island, The Island