Beolach – The Hen Party: Alec Dan MacIsaac’s/Blair Dummon/Reel of Tulloch/Dusky Meadow John Morris Rankin/Brenda Stubbert/Traditional, Beolach
Mairi Rankin – The Praties Are Dug and the Frost Is All Over/The Humours of Glendart/The First Pint, First Hand
Interview with Mairi Rankin
Beolach – Andy DeJarlis/Scottie’s Favourite/Three Mile Bridge/Compliments to Cameron Chisholm/Prince Charlie/Hull’s
Mairi Rankin – Fishing with Vic/Lady Carmichael of Castlecraig/A Mabou Strathspey in D/Corey’s/Lady Mary Stopford/Last Night’s Fun, First Hand
Breabach – Mo Thruaighe Leir thu 'Ille Bhuidhe, Astar
Breabach – The Ramparts, Astar
Interview with Megan Henderson of Breabach
Breabach – Les Pieds Joyeux, Astar
Mary Jane Lamond – Illean Aigh, Orain Ghaidhlig: Gaelic Songs of Cape Breton
Brenda Stubbert – Endless Memories, Endless Memories