Connla – Organized Chaos, The Next Chapter
The Narrowbacks – Whiskey River, Arrogance and Ignorance
The Drowsy Lads – Up and About in the Morning, Wide Awake
Aoife Scott – Gypsy Warrior, Carry the Day
Interview with Erin O’Rourke of Indy Irish Fest
Cassie & Maggie – Nobleman’s Wedding, The Willow Collection
Jen Midkiff – Hopscotch, All In Good Time
Colin Farrell – The Drunken Acrobat, On the Move
The Elders – Fisherman, Story Road
Indianapolis Ceili Band – The Clare Shout/Darby Gallaher’s, Emotional Velocity
Irish Airs – The Band Played Waltzing Matilda, The Hightail Sessions
The Drowsy Lads – Lakes of Pontchartrain, Wide Awake