Tommy Peoples – The Oak Tree/The Pinch of Snuff, Tommy Peoples & Paul Brady
Tommy Peoples – Tell Her I Am/Chorus Jig, The Iron Man
The Bothy Band – Hector the Hero/The Laird of Drumblaire, The Bothy Band
The Bothy Band – Is Trua Nach Bhfuil Me In Eirinn, The Bothy Band
Cassie & Maggie – For Corbin Frances, Fresh Heirs
Aoife Scott – We Know Where We Stand, Carry the Day
Billow Wood – Pushin’ and Shovin’, single release
The Narrowbacks – Home, Arrogance & Ignorance
Connla – Cosmo’s, The Next Chapter
Dulahan – She Danced A Jig on His Gravestone, Relic of a Bygone Day
Indianapolis Ceili Band – The Graf Spey/The Thundering Herd, Emotional Velocity
The Drowsy Lads – The Glen Cottage, Wide Awake
Cassie & Maggie – Memories of Garfield MacKenzie, Fresh Heirs