Liz Carroll & John Doyle – Smokies in Arbroath/The Mystery Writer/The Blessings of Gold, In Play
Joanie Madden – Uncle Dano’s/The Midnight Hornpipe, Whistle on the Wind
Bohola – Callipygian/Hoban’s/Mamo O’Keefe, Bits of Bohola and A Bit
Brendan Power & Andrew White – Farewell to Muswell Hill, Powers-White
We Banjo 3 – Annabelle’s Cannon, Haven
Paul Brock & Enda Scahill – Boys on the Hilltop/Monasteryden, Humdinger
John Williams – Bill Harte’s/Rolling Down the Hill/John Brady’s, Steam
Solas – Last of the Great Whales, The Hour Before Dawn
Joe Burke & Charlie Lennon – Minny Foster/The Banks, Traditional Music of Ireland
Damien Mullane – The Melodeon Driver, 13
Tommy Guihen – Killavil/Andy McGann’s/Lark in the Morning, The Torn Jacket
Daoiri Farrell – Fergie McCormack, True Born Irishman
The Yanks – The Rainy Day/Miss Mary McMahon of Ballinahinch, Haymaker
Martin Hayes & Dennis Cahill – The Lament for Limerick, The Lonesome Touch