Kenneth and Angus MacKenzie – Mutt’s, Piod is Fidheall
Sweeney’s Men – A Mistake No Doubt, Tracks of Sweeney
Mick, Louise & Michelle Mulcahy – Forget Me Not/McHugh’s/The Missing Reel, The Reel Note
Shaskeen – Angel’s Whisper, Walking Up Town
Gerry O’Connor – The Paddy O’Brien Selection, No Place Like Home
Lunasa – Dr. Gilbert/Devils of Dublin/Black Pat’s, Otherworld
Jerry Read Smith – The Strayaway Child, The Strayaway Child
Trian – The Death of Queen Jane, Trian II
John McCusker – John Daly’s/Bubba’s/McFadden’s Handsome Daughter, John McCusker
Socks in the Frying Pan – Funky in Theory: Distraction Tactics/Frustration/Mill House, Without A Paddle
Luka Bloom – The Joy of Living, Head & Heart
The Fureys and Davey Arthur – Baile an Ore/George White’s/Aoife’s Bottle, Banshee
Hamish Moore – Napoleon Crossing the Alps/The Wee Highland Laddie/The 8th Argyll’s Farewell to the 16th Regiment de Ligne/The Boy’s Lament for His Dragon, Steppin’ on the Bridge