Eileen Ivers – Bunch of Keys, Crossing the Bridge
The High Seas – Road to Donegal, The High Seas
Goitse – Odds, Inspired by Chance
Bangers & Mash – I Won’t Stand In Your Way, Quicksand Café
Adam Agee & Jon Sousa – The Tempest/The Porthole of Kelp/The Road to Garrison, Ceol na gCarad
Anastasia DesRoches – Set de L’Est, Collage
The Bothy Band – Navvy on the Line/Rain, The Bothy Band
Fin Moore – Soenaidh’s Tune Set, The Piper and the Maker
The Keane Family – Tom Ward’s Downfall/Willie Coleman’s, Muintir Chathain
Gillian Head – The Elusive Bear Cat, Tidal
Cathal McConnell – There’s the Day, Long Expectant Comes At Last
Aidan O’Rourke – ‘jack,’ his mother says one day, ‘that auld dug has had it’, 365