Dardanelles – McCarthy’s, Eastern Light
Planxty – Sally Brown, Between the Jigs and the Reels: A Retrospective
Nuala Kennedy – Wee Whistle Set, WITT live broadcast 2014
Nuala Kennedy – Matt Hyland, WITT live broadcast 2014
Silly Wizard – Queen of Argyll, Kiss the Tears Away
Touchstone – Three Polkas, The New Land
J.P. Cormier – Hometown Battlefield, The Chance
J.P. Cormier – Never Going Back Again, unreleased studio recording
Donald Jones & Dave Bagdade – Cape Breton Fiddle Set, WITT live broadcast 2015
Cathie Ryan – Johnny Be Fair, WITT live broadcast 2014
Dmitri Alano & Erik Peterson – The Banshee/Lady Ann Montgomery/Fox Hunter, unreleased studio recording
Colin Grant – Jen and Anthony’s, Fun for the Whole Family