Adam Agee & John Sousa – Drummond Castle/The Old Favorite, Ceol na gCarad
Daimh – ‘S Trusaidh mi na Coilleagan, The Rough Bounds
Bernadette Nic Gabhann – The Boyne Hunt/The Boyne Mist/Travers, Here to Play
The Friel Sisters – A Stor A Stor A Ghra/The Hag with the Money, Before the Sun
Danu – Cutting A Slide/The Fiddle Cushion, Ten Thousand Miles
Gillian Head – Dr. Reelgood, Tidal
Aidan O’Rourke – Do People Still Do This, 365 Volume 1
Eamon O’Leary – Trouble No More, All Souls
Maxim & Gervais Cormier – The Last March/Lime Hill/Hull’s Reel, Cape Breton Guitar
Bernadette Morris – By The Water’s Edge, Where The Heart Is
Katie Grennan – Reels 113, Second Story
Adam Agee & John Sousa – Heather’s Island, Ceol na gCarad