Excerpt from Where I Belong by Alan Doyle
The Fables – Heave Away, Tear the House Down
Great Big Sea – Run Runaway, Up
Ryan’s Fancy – Reels, What A Time! Volume 1
Ryan’s Fancy – Feller from Fortune, What A Time! Volume 1
Interview with Fergus O’Byrne of Ryan’s Fancy
A Crowd of Bold Sharemen – Mixed Reels, A Crowd of Bold Sharemen
Jim Payne & Fergus O’Byrne – Wave Over Wave, Wave Over Wave
The Freels – Jackson’s Fancy, The Freels
Tickle Harbour – The Warlike Lads of Russia, Battery Included
Shannyganock – McNamara from Mayo, A Newfoundland Tribute to the McNulty Family
Matthew Byrne – Go To Sea No More, Horizon Lines
Shannyganock – Music & Friends, Home In My Harbour