Chulrua – Tobin’s Favorite/Willie Clancy’s/Paddy Taylor’s, Barefoot at the Altar
Matt & Shannon Heaton – Cruel Salt Sea, Tell You In Earnest
NEW TO YOU: Danu – The Connemara Hornpipe/The Leverette, Ten Thousand Miles
NEW TO YOU: Danu – Ar Maidin Inne Dom, Ten Thousand Miles
Tommy Guihen – The High Hills of Largy and The Mossy Banks, The Torn Jacket
Filska – Dunns Dings Aa, Time and Tide
Paul Brock & Enda Scahill – The Jackson Polka, Humdinger
Freewheel – The Old Bush/Mary Ramsy’s Highland/Johnny O’Leary’s/P Is For Paddy, Going Nowhere Fast
Buddy MacMaster – Paulette Bissonnette/A Taste of Gaelic/John MacDougall, The Judique Flyer
Solas – Grady Fernando Comes to Town, The Turning Tide
Matt & Shannon Heaton – Midnight Sojourn, Lover’s Well