David Surette – Farewell to Aberdeen/Robertson’s Reel, The Green Mandolin
Kevin MacLeod – Black Mount Forest Marches, Highland Strands
De Danann – Tripping Up the Stairs/A Trip to Athlone, De Danann
Fiontan O Meachair – An Staicin Eornan/Scairtin Bhilli, Irish Traditional Mandoline
Gerald Trimble – Mr. Webster/Miss Jane MacInnes-Dandeleith, First Flight
Andy Irvine – James Magee, Abocurragh
Mick Moloney – Paddy O’Brian’s Jig/The King of the Pipers, Mick Moloney with Eugene O’Donnell, Joe McKenna, Shelly Posen & Patrick Sky
Marla Fibish & Jimmy Crowley – The Morning Star/Trip to Cullenstown/Good Morning to Your Nightcap, The Morning Star
Planxty – Smeceno Horo, Between the Jigs and The Reels: A Retrospective
Planxty – The Rambling Siuler, After the Break
NEW TO YOU: Altan – The Piper in the Cave/An Ghaoth Aniar Aneas, The Gap of Dreams
Lief Sorbye – The Nexus, Across the Borders
Fiontan O Meachair – O Life Go Laoi, Irish Traditional Mandoline