Michael McGoldrick – Jenny Picking Cockles/The Earl’s Chair, Morning Rory
Tempest – Johnny Cope, Thirty Little Turns
Florence Fahy – Darby the Driver/Jim Droneys Tunes from the Flaggy Shore
Great Big Sea – River Driver, The Hard and the Easy
Lunasa – The Chestnut Tree/Willie’s Fling No. 2/Within A Mile of Dublin/Cnocan An Teampaill, CAS
Lunasa – Autumn Child/Heaton Chapel, Otherworld
Howie MacDonald – Clear the Track, Auld School
Blas – The Call and The Answer, Blas
Alison Perkins & Nicolas Brown – Dusty Miller/Love and Whiskey/Won’t You Come In, All Covered With Moss
Dulahan – Cabin Boy, Little Bits of Truth
Gabe McVarish – M.S.R., Eclection
Sarah Bauhan – Brafferton Village/A-Z Waltz, Elmwood Station