Calum Stewart – The Angel’s Share/Copper Stills/Gladstone, Tales from the North
Danu – Follow On, When All Is Said and Done
Karen Tweed & Tom McElvogue – Luckpenny/Wheels of the World/The Bicycle Jig/Bank of Ireland, Luckpenny
Jim Sharkey – Misty Morning Rain, Misty Morning Rain
Tommy Keane – The Boys of the 25/The Hare’s Paw/The Pinch of Snuff, The Piper’s Apron
Gay, Conor and Sean McKeon – The Blackthorn Stick/Tansey’s Favorite/Barr na Cuille, The Dusty Miller
Matt Molloy, Paul Brady & Tommy Peoples – John Brennan’s (The Silver Spire)/Drag Her Around the Road, Matt Molloy, Paul Brady & Tommy Peoples
Vasen – Carrowkeel, Gront
Joe Shannon & John Williams – The Derry Hornpipe, A Taste of Ireland
Barleyjuice – Catholic Guilt, Live Juice
NEW TO YOU: Indianapolis Ceili Band – Jim Donoghue’s/Baltimore Salute/Jackie Coleman’s, Emotional Velocity (preview)
LOCAL FOCUS: Jim Gill – Piper to the End, 4U2
Iain MacInnes, Billy Ross & Stuart Morison – Over the Sea to Nova Scotia, Smalltalk