NEW TO YOU: Poor Man’s Gambit – The New Policeman/McFadden’s Handsome Daughter/McGettrick’s, Kind Providence
NEW TO YOU: Poor Man’s Gambit – Newry Highwayman, Kind Providence
Tommy Guihen – The View Across the Valley/Father Newman’s, The Torn Jacket
Andy Irvine – Banks of Newfoundland, Abocurragh
Scythian – New Reel, Scythian Live Vol. 1
Paul Cranford – New Harbour/Maire’s Return/Liam Lewis, More Tunes from the Lighthouse
Noel O Grady, Henry Benagh, John Carty & Marcus Hernon – The Cedars of Lebanon/New Year’s Eve, The Good Mixer
Ryan’s Fancy – Newport Town. What A Time Vol. 2
Marina Meyler – The New York/The Cook in the Kitchen, Champions of Ireland: Mandolin
The Living Stream – Newlin, The Living Stream
dBize – The Newcastle Hornpipe/Primrose Polka/President Garfield’s Reel, Storm Party
Pig’s Eye Landing – Newark Bay/Marcel Martin, Gypsy Stomp
Kevin Madden – Tim O'Leary’s/The New Years Waltz, The Sugar Loaf