CLOSET CLASSIC: Sharon Shannon & Natalie MacMaster – The Union Street Session/The Primrose Lass/The Gravel Walk, The Colours of Cape Breton
NEW TO YOU: The Elders – Train Song, True
Caitlin & Ciaran – The Whistler At The Wake/The Old Flail/The Butcher's March, Caitlin & Ciaran
Andy Irvine – Never Tire of the Road, Rude Awakening
Slainte Mhath – The Jenga Stick, Slainte Mhath
Nesbitt Family – Sonny's Favorite/Over The Hill/The Sandymount, The Devil’s Bit Sessions: Three Generations of Tradition
Tommy Guihen – Darby’s Farewell/Father O’Grady’s Trip to Brocca/Baltimore Salute, The Torn Jacket
Floating Crowbar – When A Man’s In Love/Tuttle’s/Sgt. Early’s Dream/The Tempest, The Torn Jacket
Andrew Finn Magill – The Green Fields Of Glentown/The Old Dudeen/McFadden’s Handsome Daughter, Roots
Breabach – Orangedale Whistle, Urlar
Waterson Carthy – Rambleaway/Valentine Waltz, Common Tongue