Kevin MacLeod – The Opera Reels, Highland Strands
Aoife Scott – What You Do With What You’ve Got, Carry the Day
Dmitri Alano – Tha Random Canoe/The First House in Connaught/The Rising Sun, The End of the Evening
Jigjam – Ireland’s Green Shore, Hello World
Cassie and Maggie – Strip the Willow Set, The Willow Collection
The High Kings – Nancy Spain, Grace and Glory
The Kells – By Way of Sorrow/Half Past Four/Bill Cheatham, Smooth Sailing After All
Dulahan – A Living Wage, Sultana
Chrissy Crowley – The Doppelganger, The Departure
Dual – An Cóisir/ Chuirinn Mo Ghiollan A Dh'iomain Nan Caorach, Dual
Alair – The Gentle Maiden, Celtic Quartet