Enda Scahill – The Kerry Fling, Pick It Up
We Banjo 3 – We All Need More Kindness In This World, Live in Galway
The Maguires – Na Cailini, Little Giants and Other Oxymorons
Boiled in Lead – Step It Out Mary, From the Ladle to the Grave
Celtic Fiddle Festival – Soggy’s/Waterboogie, Live in Brittany
Solas – Hugo’s Big Reel, The Turning Tide
Wendy MacIsaac – Holy Strathspeys Pat!, Off the Floor
The Elders – Haverty Brothers, Live at the Gem
Jason O’Rourke – The Peacock Following the Hen/O’Farrell’s Welcome to Limerick/My Mind Will Never Be Easy, The Northern Concertina
Anna Massie – The Trip to Windsor, Tonder Festival 2004
Arum – The Polkas, Arum
County Mayo – Isle of Hope, Exiles and Emigrants
Le Vent du Nord – Valse Pour Une Fee, Maudite Moisson!