Liz Carroll – The Silver Spear/The Earl’s Chair/The Musical Priest, Lost in the Loop
Touchstone – Jack Haggerty, The New Land
Wolfstone – The Howl, Unleashed
Stan Rogers – Witch of Westmorland, recorded live on May 28, 1983
Jerry Holland – The Footworks Medley, Jerry Holland & Friends
Silly Wizard – The Queen of Argyll, Kiss the Tears Away
J.P. Cormier – The Mathematician/Sleepy Maggie, Another Morning
Planxty – The Jolly Beggar, Planxty
The Bothy Band – Lucy Campbell/The Laurel Tree, In Concert
Danu – Kilfenora, When All Is Said and Done
Dougie MacLean – Edmonton Airbus/Craighie Dhu, Craighie Dhu
Tim Edey – Little Bird, The Collective