John McSherry – The King of Dal Buinne, The Seven Suns
Bua – Soldier Soldier, Down the Green Fields
Kyle MacDonald – Noise, Kyle MacDonald
NEW TO YOU: Maurice McGrath – Willie Clancy and the Pipes, Winsome Ways
Calum Stewart & Lauren MacColl – Rise Ye Lazy Fellow, Wooden Flute and Fiddle
Jackie Daly & Matt Cranitch, The Rockmills Hornpipe/Freddie Kimmel’s Hornpipe, Rolling On
Danu – Snug in the Blanket/Patsy Geary’s, Seanchas
Danu – Malai na gCuach Ni Chuileannain, Seanchas
Danu – The Broken Pledge Set, Buan
Danu – Follow On, When All Is Said And Done
Lau – Hinba, Lightweights and Gentlemen
John & Maggie Carty – Peter Horan’s Waltz, Settle Out of Court